Nathaniel Symer

Artistic full stack developer

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Hey, I'm Nate

I'm a full stack developer, currently Co-Founder and Engineering Partner (CTO) @ Ivytap. I'm dangerous with Ruby or Objective-C, and pretty good with JavaScript and C/C++. When I interned @ SnipSnap in Philly in the summer of 2013, I wrote their geofencing and 'near me' functionality.

Right now, I'm working on some IvyTap related projects, maintaining a few iOS apps, and writing FHSTwitterEngine, unfold, and rbshapes. I'm always busy programming, but I'm always down to start something new.

When I go to college, I'll probably study CS and philosophy, continue at Ivytap, and change the world along the way.


A proverbial breath of fresh air in the form of a downloader. It's designed like a social media app, built like a tank, and loaded with features. You should download it.

  • Manage your files
  • Dropbox integration
  • P2P file sharing over bluetooth
  • Open most kinds of files (audio, video, text, photos, documents)
  • WebDAV server
  • Email and print files
  • Safari bookmarklet for downloading files
  • Unzip, create, or add to zip archives


Have you ever wanted to write a script that posts a tweet to a users's timeline or tweets script status? Maybe you even wanted to have the user follow you on twitter. That's all possible now, with TerminalBird. TerminalBird is the bridge between your script and Twitter.

Right now, TerminalBird is written in Objective-C. There is an effort underway to port it to a Ruby gem for better OS compatibility.


curl > ~/tbird; sudo mv ~/tbird /usr/bin/tbird; sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/tbird

TwoFace Two Timelines, One App

TwoFace fetches the most recent posts from your favorite 10 Twitter and Facebook users. It's a controlled way to browse your favorite people's timelines at once.

To communicate with the Twitter API, it uses FHSTwitterEngine; A project that started in TwoFace.